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Rotary Weekly
21 February 2020 A roundup of Rotary news
Celebrate Rotary’s anniversary on 23 February
Each year, thousands of visitors to Rotary headquarters experience Room 711, a recreation of the office where, on 23 February 1905, Paul Harris met with three acquaintances to start a club based on “mutual cooperation and informal friendship.” Celebrate Rotary’s anniversary by taking a virtual tour of the replica.
This week's stories
How Rotary and Peace Corps work together

As a returned Peace Corps volunteer, Rotarian Maureen Duncan understood the value of reaching out to Peace Corps volunteers to help her district’s project. The project is advancing education and providing economic opportunities for youth in Guatemala. Your club can work with Peace Corps volunteers to identify beneficiaries, assess communities, and involve community members in projects.

Proper use of The Four-Way Test

In his blog post for Rotary Voices, Martin Postic Jr. explains why The Four-Way Test makes a better mirror than window. Postic argues that the test should not be used to put down the opinions of others or defend contentious social issues, but should be used to guide one’s own ethical behavior.

Take a course on Rotary’s brand
A new module in the Learning Center will teach you the importance of branding, how Rotary uses its brand to communicate to the public, and how you can strengthen our brand.
Register for preconvention in Honolulu
Rotary's preconvention program in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, is filled with inspiring activities and engaging speakers. Learn about how youth programs are bringing about change around the world.

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