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15 September 2017 A roundup of Rotary news

Uprooting poverty in Arkansas

Members of the Rotary Club of Little Rock have teamed up with Heifer USA to fight poverty and provide healthier food choices for local communities through a program that supports sustainable agriculture. The 24 farmers in the program are part of a coop that connects them with customers and markets, allowing them to grow a variety of organic produce on small acres of land using environmentally-friendly methods. The coop also shortens the distance between farm and table, increasing the nutritional value of the food.

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Connecting food banks with farmers

Rotary First Harvest has been funneling donations of imperfect or "ugly" produce to food banks in Washington, USA, since the 1980s. Created by Rotarians in Seattle, the program has expanded its hunger fight with the Harvest Against Hunger initiative, which places volunteers with partner food banks to increase the quality and quantity of food available to the poor. The program recently won an award.

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Why bringing in new members is not good enough

You work hard to recruit new members to your club. But statistics suggest you may lose 50 percent of these new members within a year, and another 25 percent in two to three years. What can you do to keep the members you've worked so hard to bring in? In his post for Rotary Voices, Daniel Vankov offers some ideas and explains why retention is as important, if not more so, than recruitment.

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How to help disaster victims

Severe storms, an earthquake, and hurricanes are wreaking havoc across the globe from the United States and Mexico to South Asia and Africa. The Rotary Foundation and Rotary clubs in affected areas are helping bring emergency aid to battered communities.


Enter the 2017 Interact Video Awards

Show us your Interact club in action! Record a video on how your club is having fun while making a difference in your school or community, and you could be awarded $1,000 for your club's next project. Rotary and Rotaract clubs, teachers, and parents can all work together on a submission. Entries due by 30 November.

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