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Paul Harris Fellows

A Paul Harris Fellowship is the highest award that a Rotarian can achieve. Whilst in some countries they can be bought, and indeed the purchase of a Paul Harris Fellowship for USD1000 is a pre requisite to joining some clubs, in New Zealand it is regarded as an honour that cannot be bought but must be earned.
Generally it is awarded in recognition of long and meritorious service to the community that fulfills the ideals of Rotary for the betterment of humanity, and is not limited to Rotarians but may be awarded by a club to any person who, in the eyes of the Club President and Board at the time, fulfills the requirements. In this case the club pays the USD1000 to Rotary International to continue its Humanitarian work worldwide

Persons awarded Paul Harris Fellowships by the Rotary Club of Ahuriri are :-
** J.D. Dunlop QSM * A.J.M. McKenzie
G.A. Plummer S.A. Claridge
B.M.A. Johnson S.D. Morice
J.P. Steven G.S. Gibson
S.D. Faulknor ** D.C. Alexander
* R.S. Morison I.F. Hopson
T.G. Twist MNZM R.A. Steel
D.F. Edmundson M. Johnson
F.A. Howse ***S.J. Page QSM
M.W. Small J. Young
***** M.S. Smith #Sir Russell Pettigrew
J.A. Brownlie *A.I.A. Findlay
J.F. Moates #B. Arnott
*P Anderson *J Hennessey
#R. J. GreenJ T Mason
*P S BallP D Stephens
#N Edmundson*R A Clement
#C Squire#S M Findlay
#P McGillI Mayne
*J D BuckeridgeW Ballantyne
M TaylorT. O'Connor
C Lampp#N. Page
D. ParkeR. Benjamin
J. GaudinA. Irwin
J. Taylor#B. Ibbotson
D. AndersonL. Anderson
* = Sapphire Pin# = non Rotarian

Members awarded Paul Harris Fellowships by other clubs or District are:-

T. Foley     R. Benjamin     J. King     M. Robertshawe     J Lightfoot     F.A.Howse     ****M Patmoy    H. Smith

Honorary Rotarians

Ian Hopson John Mason
Angela Pidd Barbara Arnott
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