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Charter Meeting

Charter Members

PresidentG.P.Keller (Geoff)Govt. Services (Ministry of Works)
Vice-PresidentB.T.Porter (Bruce)Insurance (General)
SecretaryE. A. Bourgeois (Ed)Govt. Services (National Provident)
TreasurerD. G. Hardcastle (Dennis)Business Services (Accounting)
DirectorS. D. Faulkner (Sid)Automobile Industry (Auto Retail)
DirectorR. G. C. Melluish (Rick)Engineering (Mechanical)
DirectorG. A. Plummer (Gordon)Govt. Services (Social Security)
 C. A. Breeze (Charlie)Clothing Industry (Manufacturing)
 R. A. Brown (Andrew)Religion (Presbyterian)
 K. H. Dockery (Keith)County Services (Admin)
 H. J. Dowling (John)Govt. Services (Education)
 J. D. Dunlop (Jack)Catchment Services (Admin.)
 R. G. Gallen (Rod)Law (Barrister)
 G. Hartshorn (Geoff)Construction Services (Building)
 J. A. Hill (Tony)Motels
 B. M. A. Johnson (Basil)Engineering (Structural)
 L. A. Lowe (Len)Market Gardening
 N. G. McLaughlan (Noel)Insurance (Life)
 I. McLellan (Ian)Transport (Motor Freight Local)
 R. S. Morison (Ron)Harbour Services (Engineering)
 J. J. Moughan (Joe)Construction Services (Plumbing)
 F. L. Prebble (Fred)Furniture Industry (manufacturing)
 C. L. Weston (Len)Engineering (Production)
 J. S. Willoughby (Jim)Religion (Anglican)

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